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Latest Israeli air attack on Syria injures two soldiers: State media

Al Jazeera 03 Oct 2023
list 3 of 4China to help reconstruct war-battered Syria ... Hundreds of thousands of people have died and millions have been made homeless since protests against Assad’s rule first erupted in 2011 and have since developed into a civil war that has drawn in foreign powers, including Russia, and left Syria carved into zones of control.

Two Syrian soldiers injured in Israeli air attack on army sites in Deir al Zor

Reuters 03 Oct 2023
Hundreds of thousands of people have died and millions have been made homeless since protests against Assad in 2011 developed into a civil war that drew in foreign powers and left Syria carved into zones of control.

Reports of airstrikes in Syria at sensitive time for Iran axis - analysis

The Jerusalem Post 03 Oct 2023
Iran wants to create instability and a power vacuum in eastern Syria and then to fill the vacuum .

Who lost the battle to stop Iran’s nuclear quest?

Cleveland Jewish News 03 Oct 2023
While Iran’s nuclear program predated the Iraq War and would have continued anyway, the war was an essential step towards the Islamic Republic becoming a regional power that could threaten the Gulf States and Israel, as well as keep its ally Bashar Assad in power in Syria.

50 years after the Yom Kippur War, Israel is still fighting for its freedom

Sun Sentinel 02 Oct 2023
Photo by Ron Frenkel/GPO/Getty Images ... Photo by Ron Frenkel/GPO/Getty Images ... Known for its surprise attack by Israel’s enemies, the Yom Kippur War caught the country’s powerful military forces at a moment of rare vulnerability, since Egypt and Syria chose Yom Kippur – the holiest day on the Jewish calendar — to attack Israel ... ....

Beijing’s House of the Dragon

Longview News-Journal 02 Oct 2023
While Russia’s Game of Thrones involves warring factions jockeying for loyalty to the throne, China’s House of the Dragon is about maintaining dominance, legitimacy, and power through violence, scheming, and control of power ... While the latter’s position is not equivalent and lacks the same power and authority as the U.S.

Saudi-Israel Normalisation: The Grand Illusion

GlobalResearch 02 Oct 2023
They are roughly in the same place on US power projection in the 21st century, although their outward statements and alliances may differ ... power in the region ... Israel had highly placed spies in the centres of power in Arab regimes; from Eli Cohen in Syria to Ashraf Marwan in Egypt.

Syria shows the way to fighting imperialism, thanks to Russia and China

Russia Today 01 Oct 2023
Both of these ingredients are required to save Syria, and neither power could feasibly provide both ... It is to be hoped that if independent countries are targeted for regime change in the future these two emerging powers can repeat the Syria model to defend the principle of sovereignty, uphold international law, and defeat unilateralism.

US has close partnership with Takfiri terrorists in Syria, says President Assad

Press TV 30 Sep 2023
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad says foreign-sponsored Takfiri terrorists are operating in areas of northeast Syria controlled by US occupation forces, arguing that Washington has built up a close and strong partnership with militants wreaking havoc across the country ... This brings another problem, as a major power is in cahoots with terrorist.

Syria’s drug problem casts shadow over Assad’s rehabilitation

Egypt Independent 30 Sep 2023
Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman al-Safadi this week said that trafficking of the addictive amphetamine Captagon from Syria to Jordan has only increased after normalization talks that led to Assad’s return to the Arab League in May ... Experts have said that the process for Syria’s rehabilitation has been flawed.

Women play 'prominent' role in Syria's Suwayda protests

The New Arab 30 Sep 2023
Civil war erupted in Syria after Assad's regime crushed peaceful protests in 2011. Iran and then Russia intervened to keep the Syrian dictator in power ... Since last month, smaller protests have also taken place in neighbouring Daraa province, the cradle of Syria's 2011 uprising.

Women play ‘prominent’ role as hundreds protest in Syria

Arab News 30 Sep 2023
SWEIDA, Syria ... Civil war erupted in Syria after Assad’s regime crushed peaceful protests in 2011 ... Since last month, smaller protests have also taken place in neighboring Daraa province, the cradle of Syria’s 2011 uprising. Followers of an offshoot of Shiite Islam, the Druze made up less than three percent of Syria’s pre-war population.

Syrian president Assad visits coast as discontent rises

The New Arab 29 Sep 2023
There have been no notable public protests in the coastal areas of Syria, but dozens of people have been ... Syria has experienced a sharply accelerating decrease in purchasing power over the last few months, and the government has raised the prices of critical goods, such as fuel.

Yazidi 'tortured' after Libya militia 'abducts' 110 migrants

The New Arab 29 Sep 2023
The Yazidis are a Kurdish-speaking ethnoreligious minority native to Iraq, Syria and Turkey ... Sharaf first headed elsewhere in Syria before travelling to Lebanon ... The TBZ militia is headed by powerful General Khalifa Haftar's son Saddam, Amnesty International said in a December ...

Guest Opinion: Syria in China's eyes

Xinhua 28 Sep 2023
The visit carries strategic dimensions and is expected to reap tangible results in various fields of cooperation between Syria and China ... In the Syria-China strategic partnership statement, China explicitly declared its absolute rejection of foreign powers interfering in Syria's internal affairs and harming its security and stability.

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